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Our work is focused on assisting farmers with the adoption of best management practices for animal health and welfare. Specific activities include:

  • providing animal care training through presentations and workshops;
  • managing industry-led projects aimed at improving animal health and welfare;
  • conducting on-farm assessments of current animal welfare and animal care practices and recommending strategies for improvement;
  • assessing current biosecurity practices and recommending improvement to minimize the spread of infectious disease both within the herd and from outside the premises.

Given that lameness is the dairy industry’s greatest animal welfare challenge, we specialize in lameness mitigation. Since the vast majority of lameness cases are due to claw lesions, we work closely with professional hoof trimmers to determine which specific lesions are responsible. After assessing the housing and management factors that are likely contributing to the problem, we recommend improvements and monitor progress.
Since digital dermatitis (DD) has become a dominant concern on many farms, we evaluate DD risk factors, monitor infection levels in young stock, recommend improved preventive practices and implement strategies for early detection and treatment.